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This Month's Top Recommended Starter Kit: ProSmoke

ProSmoke is the number one rated electronic cigarette by many established organizations.  Their e cigarette achieved these rating due to a combination of providing a superior reliable product that is the same size and length of a traditional cigarette. While many companies boast the strength of the ecigs batteries, ProSmoke focuses on providing you a smoking experience that resembles smoking a real cigarette. Why would you want to use something that weighs the equivalent of a flashlight when you should be using something that feels and resembles what you been smoking with your entire life? The ProSmoke e cigarette feels, weighs, resembles and smokes like a real cigarette.  No other brand comes close to giving you the same exact smoking experience that you been accustom to.
Backed by a one year warranty that is longer than any other manufacturer, ProSomoke ensure that you are getting a reliable product that is backed by their commitment of excellences.   To preview their ecig starter kit, please visit their site here  

Recommended Starter Kits

The following section contains e cigarette starter kits that we highly recommend for you to compare and consider with the other devices reference above.  


South Beach Smoke

The South Beach Deluxe electronic cigarette starter kits is a great option for those looking to try switch from traditional cigarette.
Price: $59.99



The Basic Stater Kit from Eversmoke includes everything you'll need to using an electronic cigarette to avoid the harmful side effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes
Price: $49.99


V2 Cigs

Check out the standard e-cig starter kit which comes with two batteries, a smart charger and 10 flavored cartridges to get you started.
Price: $59.95